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Shanghai HUAYUAN Electronic Co. Ltd. History.

HUAYUAN was founded in 1995 by Mr. Guohua Tao,experienced in the Chinese Smart card business since 1993,starting with a project for prepaid cars for the China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. and the first public AFC system based transportation E-ticket for the Shanghai Metro line No. 1.

Tao graduated from the Shanghai University,majoring in mechanics,studied computing and software by himself and passed the TOFEL test with a 613 high score after graduation.After five years of experience as an engineer in the Government Company ‘Shanghai Radio and Television Equipment Corp.’ both in the chief engineer’s office and in the design department,mostly in the data media facility for audio and video cassette recorders,he started his own Smart Card business branded dandart caon the 1st of Jan 1995.

HUAYUAN provided the first e-ticket in China,a set of thin magnetic PET cards offering 14 different designs in one package,leading the smart card application market in China into the future.

For more than 10 years HUAYUAN produced the first generation of smart cards for the Chinese market. Millions of campus cards for Chinese Colleges,Universities and High Schools and many more millions of Chinese social insurance cards all over the country.

HUAYUAN was a setup leader for a project called “Digital printing Solution for Smart Card Personalization” with Hewlett and Packard China,an important project for the second generation of ID cards in China in 2005-2006.

HUAYUAN provided systems and smart cards in the Chinese domestic market for social insurance applications covering 20 provinces in China,for the Road Collection Administration System in the biggest 2 provinces and for the Shanghai Municipal Administration System.

In 2006 HUAYUAN entered the European market introduced by commercial consultants and associations from many European countries. HUAYUAN was selected by some big European groups as a nominated supplier for plastic cards,contact IC cards,contactless IC(RFID) cards and RFID cards inlay. (card pre-lamination)

In 2008,HUAYUAN had clients in every country in Europe,North America,North Asia and Australia,for hundred countries in the world with HUAYUAN by our conscientious working and seriously in quality and service,well communication with our client.

Today,HUAYUAN’s main markets are in Germany,Scandinavia and North America. HUAYUAN also does well in South America,Middle East,and the North Asian market with partners ranging from local distributors to the top biggest Smart Card Companies globally.

HUAYUAN focuses on the RFID smart card market with three separated production lines:

  1. Laminated plastic smart cards and tags,
  2. RFID/NFC labels and inlay,
  3. RFID/NFC readers and solutions.

Laminated plastic cards may include full color pre-printing,ISO credit card size or nonstandard plastic badge with a magnetic strip embedded ,or with a laminated contact- or contactless IC chip for appearance,digital identification and data communication purposes.

With RFID technology expanding into every corner of world,HUAYUAN focuses on a simple but flexible,low-cost label with a paper or plastic surface. The RFID/NFC transponder sandwiched in and to be attached on items or containers for easy tracking or to be identified in various management or logistic systems. As the smart card is usually applied to identify the owner (persons),the RFID label is used for industrial products in logistics and supply chains. HUAYUAN owns a plant to manufacture and etch AL antennas,a FLIP bonding production and assembling line for RFID labels and we have our own manufacture chain for the REFID/NFC production line(s).

HUAYUAN has a RFID reader factory in Shenzhen where we already produced more than 100 thousand readers for security applications and OEM /ODM RFID/NFC solutions.

HUAYUAN’s team has learned a lot from our customers in China,Germany,the Netherlands and the USA,who have confidence in our reliability,our working attitude and our efficiency,placing us among the most competitive suppliers in the global market.

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