S-8800 8-Port RFID UHF Reader

1.S-8800 UHF Reader Key Features

– Impinj R2000 Built-in
– Anti-collision Algorithm
– Dual CPU Architecture
– Fast 8-Antenna Switch Inventory
– Two Modes for Inventory
– Hardware System Halt Detection
– PA Health Surveillance
– 18000-6B/6C Full Compatible
– 18000-6B Large Data Read/Write
– Antenna Connection Detection
– Temperature Sensor
– Power Output Correction
– Excellent Cooling Design

S-8800 8-Port UHF RFID Reader-2

2. Product View

S-8800 8-Port UHF RFID Reader
3. Electrical Characteristics

S-8800 8-Port UHF RFID Reader-1
4. Product Dimensions

S-8800 8-Port UHF RFID Reader-6

S-8800 8-Port UHF RFID Reader-7

For further details about UHF Reader, please email: info@huayuansh.com

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