As PVC laminated tag and Aluminum atenna can’t meet the demand of small tag in special project, HUAYUAN provides the small FPC RFID tag with copper antenna. The copper antenna is more stable frequency and smaller size for its stable and resistant to etching about the copper. The FPC material can effectively solve the miniaturization of NFC electronic tags and RFID tags. After long-term testing and user experience, we have adopted the PI substrate and etched copper technology as the basis, and adopted the industry micro-binding process, combined with post-processing, to complete the production of the product. Industry recognition for PFC mini tag’s stable and small size. This encapsulation also be used in different harsh environments to meet different encapsulation types in the later stage.

HUAYUAN’s FPC RFID Small NFC Tag is flexibleultra-small available with high performance which is an ideal solution to be installed in very limited space or tiny items tracking and higher temperature working environment, such as disinfection,  Catering Management and industrial Industrial Automation Management for brand protection of small, high-value products etc. This products can also be directly embedded your product as for higher temperature withstand.

Key Features of NFC FPC Sticker Tag

  1. High temperature resistance.
  2. Good performance stability.
  3. Small size.
  4. Good impact resistance.
  5. Can be embedded in a variety of materials.

Application:Mainly used in smart wear bracelet watch, access controltoys, embedded in the plate etc.

Specification of FPC Small NFC Tags

ProtocalISO 14443A/ ISO15693(HF)/ISO18000-6C(UHF)
ChipHF: NTAG®213, NTAG®215, NTAG®216 etc. (NTAG® is a registered trademark of NXP B.V.)
DimensionDia.5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 25mm
5x5mm, 10x10mm, 15x15mm, 25x25mm
or customized
PrintingLogo Printing
Craft– Anti metal layer
– Serial number, Barcode, QR, UID printing
– Encoding / Programmable
SampleFree sample available

FPC NFC Tags existing size for optional

DimensionChipRead DistanceNote
Dia. 5mmNFC10mm
Dia. 10mmNFC17mm
Dia. 20mmNFC20mmAnti-Metal
Dia. 25mmNFC40mm
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