RFID Windshield Tag

RFID Windshield Tag is specially designed for fast and reliable vehicle identification. The passive RFID Windshield label is optimized to work on a car windshield glass and suitable for a wide selection of automatic vehicle identification applications. The HUAYUAN RFID Windshield Tag is non-transferable and cannot be removed without being destroyed.

The RFID Windshield Tag can be used to track vehicles going in and out of parking garages, car washes and stations of any sort. Great for automating access control, membership/loyalty programs, parking permits, road toll collection or insurance information verification and more. Simply apply this convenient RFID tag onto any glass surface.

The RFID Windshield Tag is a passive UHF transponder offering long range identification up to 3~10 meters. The RFID Windshield Tag offers cost effective long range vehicle identification for parking applications. It can be printed and encoded based on your requirements.

Key features:

  • Identification up to 3~10 meters
  • Passive battery free tag
  • Thin, flexible sticker format
  • Protected against harmful UV rays
  • Optional tamper resistant
  • Customized printing
  • Security protected
  • EPC Gen 2 compatible

For further details, please email:info@huayuansh.com


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