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HUAYUAN can supply two kinds of Animal Tags: the Ear Tag & the Glass Tag.

The RFID Animal Tag or ear tag is designed mainly for sheep and pigs,but is also suitable for large animals. The FDX-B technology is ideally suitable to harsh environments,i.e. electrical interference,moisture,or large metal surfaces. All tags can be identified with the entire 15 digit numeric ID and a laser number and bar code on demand. The manufactured ear tag is developed under the most extensive ISO 9001: 2000 quality controls.


  • Material: Polyurethanes (TPU)
  • Housing: Ultrasonic Welding
  • Color: Yellow,Pink
  • Male button: 5mm Diameter,2.53 mm depth;
  • Female button: 5mm Diameter,6 mm depth

Animal Tag of RFID glass tag is designed for livestock tracking which is injected into the body of animal like dogs,pets,cats etc. It is based on 125Khz and 134.2Khz frequency RFID. We supply small sizes but they are also available in other larger sizes. The operating temperature is -40C to 110C. It complies with ISO11784/785 FDX A/B,HDX,The tags are safe and work with excellent performance. Suitable for use with animals as well as in scientific and medical testing environments and automotive applications.

HUAYUAN also provides the injector standard package.


  • Animal tracking
  • Scientific medical testing
  • Automotive applications

For further details,please

HUAYUAN Animal Ear Tag Datasheet (2 downloads) HUAYUAN Animal Glass Tag Datasheet (0 downloads)

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